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  • Marketing

    End-to-end. From strategy to operations.

    Marketing Analytics

    • Target Market Segmentation
    • Data Analytics and Intelligence
    • Database Management
    • Analytical CRM

    Marketing Strategy

    • Customer Awareness
    • Customer Acquisition
    • Customer Retention
    • Customer Engagement
    • Customer Win-Back

    Marketing Management

    • Creative Ideation
    • Concept Development
    • Qualified Prospecting
    • Dialogue Marketing
    • Experiential Marketing
    • Digital & Mobile Marketing
    • Sponsorship Activation

    Marketing Operations

    • Integrated Direct Mailing (print & e-mail)
    • Call-Center (profiling & prospecting)
    • Web Development
    • Social Media Application Development
    • Mobile Application Development
  • Consulting

    Shift to higher profitability. Define our path for growth. Add digital business models.

    Commercial & Operational Performance Improvement

    • Stop Loss
    • Turnaround
    • Profitability Increase
    • Market Sizing & Most Valuable Customers (MVCs) Definition

    Strategy & Business Development

    • Business Model Analysis and Development
    • Value Proposition and Brand positioning
    • Brand Strategy Development
    • Sales Development and Management
    • Go-to-Market Strategy Development

    Digital Transformation

    • Digital Disruption Radar
    • Digital Readiness Check
    • Digital Target Picture Setting
    • Digital Business Model Design
    • Customer Journey and Experience Optimization
    • Digital Product, Service and Customer Relationship Design 
  • Rather than trying to innovate to keep up with other companies, we focus our innovation efforts to meet the rise in customer expectations, needs and desires.


    Business Strategy

    Customer Experience

    Technology & Creativity



  • Clients

    You + Us = Awesome

    Esas Holding - Properties

    Retail & Real Estate

    Developing a future proof strategic framework to build resilience in the face of accelerated change and to design the transformation from “property business” to “platform business”. #RetailResilience #DigitalTransformation #PlatformBusiness #NewRetailOS #InitiativesPlaybook


    Paper & Packaging Industry

    A responsible transformation journey from product to services orientation for the leading industry player in molded fiber and packaging solutions in Turkey and beyond.

    #Go-to-Market, #OrganizationalTransformation, #Out-of-Plastics Strategy


    Small Domestic Appliances

    Strategic Marketing for growth of OKKA in international markets, Go-to-Market Strategy Development, Smart Marketing, Sales Development

    Nurol GYO

    Real Estate Project Development

    Strategic Marketing Consulting, Brand Strategy Development, Rental Strategy, Consumer Activation & Engagement, Creative Campaigns

    Borusan Otomotiv


    Customer Segmentation, Human Centric Customer Experience Design and Transformation over all Borusan Otomotiv Brands

    Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi

    Retail & Brands

    Brand Strategy, Strategic Marketing, Marketing Activation.

    Eczacıbaşı Building Products (VitrA Bath)

    Building Products Industry & Brands

    Digital Transformation Consulting

    Atlasglobal Airlines


    Brand Strategy Development and Strategic Marketing Consulting

    City of Istanbul

    Urban Masterplanning

    Strategic Marketing Consulting on brand positioning, human centric experience design, value creation and propositioning, and purpose led communication of urban masterplanning and regeneration projects.


    Crop Science Industry

    Strategic Marketing, CRM, customer and channel engagement, social media marketing,

    Turkish Airlines


    Strategic marketing consulting, B2B and B2C marketing concepts/programs/formats, sponsoring activation, corporate account development, product development

    Turkish Cargo


    Strategy consulting

    Kanyon Shopping Mall

    Real Estate & Retail

    Strategic Marketing, CRM, consumer and retail engagement, social media marketing, database management


    Retail & Brands

    CRM Consulting // CRM Data Intelligence: Data Cleansing, Data Integration, Data Analysis & Analytics // CRM Data Migration: Audit, Model Setup, Data Migration // CRM Consulting: Customer Analytics & Intelligence, Retention & Acquisition Strategies, Customeer Lifecycle Communication Strategy, Marketing Idea Development

    Aysir/Kempinski Barbaros Bay Bodrum

    Real Estate & Hospitality

    Management & Strategy Consulting, Business Development // Financial and Management Consultancy, Strategy and Marketing Consultancy, Supervision optimization, Stakeholder Relationship Management


    Retail & Brands

    Marketing Consulting for Consumer Activation & Engagement, Marketing Innovation



    Strategic Marketing Consulting: Go-to-Market Mission & Vision, Consumer Centered Mindset, Corporate Belief, Key Marketing Initiative Roadmap, Internal Marketing and Communication.



    Strategic Marketing Consulting in Go-to-Market Mission and Vision, Business Management Consulting in Customer & Market Centricity, Change, Perspective Enrichment, Organizatonal Excellence



    B2B Dialogue marketing, Qualified Prospecting, Sales Stimulation

    ING Bank


    Strategic Marketing Consulting for B2C Go-to-Market, Value Propositioning, Use Case Generation, Target Market Preparation, Customer Engagement, MarCom Planning, Ideation, Conception, Lead Generation, Performance Marketing



    Strategic Marketing Consulting and Advertising in Turkey. SunExpress is a joint venture of Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa.

  • Insights

    White papers that reflect our thoughts and recommendations

    6 Drivers of NFT & Tokenization Marketing

    How is web 3 technology reshaping marketing strategies of companies? While blockchain and NFTs are changing our lives, why and how do companies have to keep up with it? You can reach our white-paper from the link below, in which we have discussed the 6 main contributions of NFTs in creating sustainable strategies and the future of the NFT world. For more information and any questions, please contact us!


    #NFT #tokens #blockchain

    Adaptation to Changed Customer Behavior

    Demand Centricity: How not to get postponed or substituted?

    How consumer behavior changes in challenging economic times? And what should brands do to increase purchasing probability?

    Here our solution for you, based on insights and interpretations.


    White paper’ımızın Türkçe’sine buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.

    Performance, Quality, Motivation

    The Key to Organizational Excellence

    What makes people develop and live an enthusiasm for a quality and performance culture? What is the optimum for quality and performance aspects to be delivered by an organization? And how can companies achieve organizational excellence and how should one turn it into reality?

    Here is our related white paper for you.


    White paper'ımızın Türkçesine buradan ulaşabilirsiniz!

    Pandemic vs Grocery: How to adapt changing customer needs?

    What grocery has learned from the pandemic period? What are the challenges that they are facing? How consumers reacted to the “lockdown” period? What should grocery companies do in order to adapt themselves to the changing business environment?

    Here is our related white paper for you, based on our market insights and expert opinion.


    White paper'ımızın Türkçesine buradan ulaşabilirsiniz!

    Marketing After Pandemic

    What did pandemic change in consumers’ lives? And what should brands learn from it?

    Due to insights, thoughts and interpretation, here we are sharing The Unexpected Uncertainty paper for your use.

    Post Covid-19

    What retailers should pay attention when re-welcoming customers in physical stores in New Normal era.

    We recommend you to look at the checklist that we prepared to review your precautions.

    #postcovid19 #kontrollistesi #checklist #welovewhatwedo

  • Work

    We let results speak!

    Working for Progress :)

    Esas Holding

    It is always energizing to co-operate with a leadership team like in Esas, when it comes to spot transformative opportunities and to redesign OS of their retail & property business. Esas Properties has a clear mind on how to deliver value for its stakeholders and the reail ecosystem. Long live #NewRetailOS!

    Designing the higher purpose: Out of Plastic Strategy

    Abalıoğlu Holding

    We are all in this together!

    ADBA experts are proud to work for a better and sustainable tomorrow.


    You only need such like a good team play with bright minds in order to design the “higher purpose” of a B2B player. Dentaş is getting ready to help it’s clientele in designing their Out of Plastics Strategy and Solutions.


    Thanks to Abalıoğlu Holding’s leadership and their wonderful team in Dentaş, for full commitment in designing the growth journey of their rising star.


    Arzum OKKA launch in Germany

    Based on extensive consumer insights expeditions, we have defined a radical new approach to bring Turkish coffee into native German consumers minds and hearts. #butfirstmokka represents an invitation to the wonderful comeback of Mokka, which is a common name for Turkish coffee in Germany. Additionally, a new taste of Mokka coffee has been created by our cooperation partner Hochland Kaffee, Germany's leading premium coffee roaster. A lovely mix of new lifestyles, places and communications are building the start of a wonderful journey to translate the culture of Turkish coffee into other cultures and generations.

    for more, check out butfirstmokka.de


    Love what you do

    Borusan Otomotiv

    Every time Ipek and ibrahim are at our client site, there seems to be somehow no chance for them to leave the building without touch and feel the products. In this case, it was Ibrahim's choice to touch and feel the BMW M4 Cabrio, which obviously also inspired Ipek even without feeling the power and speed ;)

    Arzum OKKA

    Lifestyle based Consumer Insights Expedition

    Within our strategic marketing and go-to-market initiative for Arzum OKKA, consumer insights are being unlocked by a lifestyle based consumer insights expedition. A guided exploration and hands-on experiences make Arzum learn how today's and tomorrow's customers tick. 

    Iyi Bayramlar

    getting last things done before leaving the bridge for Bayram holidays

    Even if it looks that Menend and Cahit already kissed the sun long before, we are about to leave for a short break over Bayram holidays. Herkese iyi bayramlar, happy holidays to all team and our lovely clients and friends

    Welcome Yurdem

    We've got a new pirate on board

    Yurdem joined our team of management consultants. We are happy to have her on board of ADBA.

    Full speed ahead Yurdem!


    Atlasglobal carries 4**** stars from Skytrax home!

    We are very proud and it's our pleasure to be a part of designing the path for success and growth with Atlasglobal.  

    From left to right; Martin Cserba (ADBA), Ipek Alkan (ADBA), Murat Ersoy (Chairman of Atlasglobal), Edward Plaisted (CEO of Skytrax) and Menend Esemenli (ADBA) at international press conference in Istanbul on December 5, 2017.


    Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

    With the great team of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, it is always a pleasure to work, dream and make it come true for Istanbul’s future! Phenomenal projects are loading...

    Eczacıbaşı Building Products (VitrA Bath)

    Digital Transformation Discovery Workshop

    Mind opener and discovery workshop on key drivers and opportunities along the company's process of digital transformation

    Office Mood

    ADBA House

    Great people make a great team that creates real value.

    Talents and experts, come on and join our team in Istanbul. 

    Be sure that we work hard for our clients. But, be also sure that know pretty good how to have fun while doing so.

    Atlasglobal Airlines

    Brand Relaunch 2017

    It was our pleasure to share the outcome of many months of work on strategic brand development, which will be turned into execution within the next months. Thanks to all visionary people at Atlasglobal who are challenging the airline industry.

    City of Istanbul

    Urban Masterplanning

    ADBA was invited by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to set the structure and moderate the strategic expedition workshop of IBB with 39 district municipalities of Istanbul. We are proud of being the partner of IBB in "design thinking" for the masterplanning of a megacity - ISTANBUL.

    Going Potty for Facebook: How a Toilet Paper Brand Won Social


    Going Potty for Facebook: How a Toilet Paper Brand Won Social

    "It is really hard to ensure the loyalty of your consumers for a toilet paper. At the end of the day there are lots of options to choose from," says Ipek Alkan, engagement manager at ADBA, the Turkish marketing agency behind Selpak’s award-winning Facebook strategy.


    Read the full article here on Content Marketing Institute


    4mevsim Hackathon

    ADBA created and managed the first Hackathon Session in Turkish agriculture sector for Bayer. Gathered with the farmers and experts for 2 days to come up with solutions for precision farming. #hackathon #hackfarming #precisionfarming


    4Mevsim Farmer Relationship Program

    ADBA brings the marketing campaign of the year trophy to Turkey. Happy to announce that ADBA Istanbul has earned another Award at this years Stevie International Business Awards with its wonderful client #Bayer #cropscience #4mevsim

    Have you met Ipek?

    As an Engagement Manager she supports our clients from strategy to execution in a straight forward but very charming way. Have a read to discover her job and her life in Istanbul

    Best part about your work as Engagement Manager?

    Everyday is a new challenge. Our job renews our mind and soul every minute!


    Before working here what was the most unusual/funny/stupid job you have done?

    In the backstage team at a theatre.


    How would your friends describe you in your teen years?

    Most potential to become famous. lol


    Where is your favourite spot in Istanbul?

    Ortaköy Feriye.


    Describe the color purple to somebody who is blind.

    When you feel like you are special with a twist.

    Have you met Gözde?

    As a Project Manager she supports our clients in planning and building rock solid marketing programs and projects. Have a read to discover her job and her life in Istanbul

    Best part about your work as Project Manager?

    Creating ideas and making improvements with tracking trends, also the excitement of ability to make a change in something.


    Before working here what was the most unusual/funny/stupid job you have done?

    Selling hand made jewelry with my best friend when I was 10 years old. I made kind of a good money for that time:)


    How would your friends describe you in your teen years?

    Rebellious, who likes to take lead roles, very empathic, sometimes too much:) and caring.


    Where is your favourite spot in Istanbul?

    Belgrad Forest.


    Describe the color red to somebody who is blind.

    It is like touching something hot.

    Digital Transformation Horizon Tour


    We have been invited to conduct a session over Digital Transformation and its impact on Marketing and Sales. During the meeting with ExxonMobil’s Turkey Head Office Team and the nationwide distributors, we have given a horizon tour on digital trends and their impact. We have been very happy to share our views with our friends from ExxonMobil and to wrap up the session with some key take aways.

    4mevsim Marketing Workshop


    It is always our pleasure to have workshops with a wonderful team of Bayer. Always inspiring, result oriented, and of course, lot's of fun!


    powered by Bayer

    The challenges for the world going forward in farming are enormous. The massive trend of urbanization and growth in global population forces us to produce more, in better quality, with less resource in farmlands.


    Therefore, productivity, profitability and sustainability are key in farming business. This is what Bayer addresses with its relationship program 4mevsim to value relationships and keep up working closer together with farmers. Service driven solutions, access, added value and education are focus of 4mevsim, an invitation only program for farmers, powered by Bayer.



    Management Skills: Decisions

    with Cüneyt Cakir, Tarik Ongun, Bahattin Duran

    Never stop listening and learning from professionals in decision making: Our friends Tarik and his FIFA referee team Cüneyt and Bahattin share their skills and experiences about how to make 270 decisions within 90 minutes. It's three decisions per minute, at an heart rate of 150bpm, having 22 players and more than 60.000 people around you.

    Contact us for your tailored executive boot camp, management training or marketing event on FAST DECISION MAKING!


    1 x GOLD & 2 x SILVER

    Happy to announce that ADBA Istanbul has earned another 3 Awards at this years Stevie International Business Awards with its wonderful client #Selpak


    TRIPLE: 3 x GOLD

    3 x GOLD received for WeBubble at Stevie Awards 2014 in Paris on October 10 with our lovely client team at #Kanyon. Thank you!

    Turkish Airlines


    Turkish Airlines' NICT 2012 conference - Hosting more than 250 delegates from Spain at Next in Corporate Travel 2012 in Istanbul - Video Impressions (01-03 June 2012)


    Color the Kanyon

    The first implementation of Post-It Artwork in Turkey has been done in Kanyon Shopping Mall, in Istanbul. The idea, concept and implementation was done by ADBA. The project itself uses Post-It Artwork to embrace Kanyon, its brands and visitors. Therefore, we love this project as good example for engagement marketing between brands, retailers and consumers.



    This is WeBubble. I am at Kanyon now. Catch, Create, and Enjoy! WeBubble enables consumers to explore these bubbles through the camera of their smartphone. Consumers can catch branded bubbles to earn rewards, including discounts and vouchers to redeem and shop instantly. Furthermore, consumers can create their own bubbles accompanied by personal messages, to blow it into the air and share it on various social channels. 

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